As if the last 8 or 10 years hasn’t been challenging enough, now your little buddy or princess is entering an exciting, difficult, and quite possibly the most formative time of their young life: adolescence. There’s no instruction manual and questions regarding identity, decision-making, ethics, morality, worldview, and priorities come up as regularly as Facebook updates. Sometimes it’s a breeze but all too often parenting teens can feel like stumbling around in the dark in an unfamiliar room hoping to find the light switch.

I’m not a parent of a teenager yet (only 8 more years to go for my little guy) but I’ve been working closely with teenagers and parents for the last 20 years and desire to offer insights and resources gleaned along the way. Additionally, I’ve had the privilege of working with many parenting experts including researchers, teachers and administrators, counselors, and child & adolescent psychologists. If you happen to come across a great parenting resource, please let me know so we can share with the SixFifty community. We’re all in this thing together and desire to see our children grow into happy, healthy, integrated adults.

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Coach Bond